A Wild Bird Oasis in Medford, New Jersey is a store that sells products to attract and benefit wild birds. First opening in 2003 and a change in ownership in 2008, the store has survived floods, hurricanes, economic recession, and seasonal periods when the birds don't come to the feeders as often as they usually do.

We take great pride in the quality of our seed most of which comes from the Amish company, Lizzie Mae's Bird Seed and Dry Goods. Anyone who has ever bought anything from the Amish will tell you the quality is second to none. Quality and freshness matters to the birds. The bottom line is that old seed is stale and therefore has little nutrition. Birds are no different than people when it comes to preferring fresh food over stale. We also stock a few mixes of the Wild Delight brand. High quality products such as feeders, houses, and pole systems are other areas we specialize. We do our best to carry as much inventory that is made in America. Better made feeders, houses, and other products may cost a little more but they will last much longer as well as have a better warranty. We sometimes repair older feeders with new parts because our manufacturers stand behind their products. Pride in what we do and devotion to our customers is our top priority. This is a labor of love more than just a means to make a money. As with any business making a profit is crucial to survive but if our customer is not happy then we are not happy. With over 40 years experience feeding the birds we know what works and what does not work. This is why the majority of our customers are regular customers that we see on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis.

The Medford New Jersey area is rich in the diversity of bird species and wildlife. It sits in the middle with the Wharton State Forest in the New Jersey Pine Barrens to the south and east and the wooded areas, horse farms, and open pastures to the north and the west. The adjacent borough of Medford Lakes is blessed with several beautiful small lakes lined with trees and log cabins. It’s an area that was at one time a summer vacation spot for people from Philadelphia. Over time more people moved into the area for its beauty and  close proximity to Philadelphia and surrounding business centers.

In bird terms Medford is much like any other place that has plenty trees, fields, and water. In places that may not have one or two of these elements there would still be plenty of different birds around. A customer from Philadelphia passes through on occasion on their way to the Shore. They tell of the different birds that land on their feeder even though they live in the city. Philadelphia may be short of fields and pastures but there are lots of trees and two big rivers running through it. Birds are very adaptive animals so it usually doesn’t matter where you live. If you put up a feeder they will come. Put out fresh water to drink and a place to nest and they’ll love you back even more.