Suet is a great source of fat and protein and a favorite of woodpeckers, wrens, and blue birds

Feeders contain our Special Mix, Split Peanuts, and a Woodpecker cake in the cage.

Hopper bird feeders are very popular with bird lovers and birds. We carry pole mounted and hanging types made out of cedar or long lasting recycled plastic.

We also carry the Droll Yankees line of Squirrel resistant feeders. The Whipper, Tipper, and Dipper have perches or a tray that collapses under the squirrel's weight. The Flipper has a perches that spins around and flings the squirrel off of the feeder. It's pretty funny to watch.

Everyone loves hummingbirds and who can blame them? The Ruby Throateds are around from mid spring to late summer. We carry all kinds from the fancy to the traditional. Our favorite is the HummZinger line. Easy to clean, keep the bees and ants out,  and the hummers love them.

We have all kinds of feeders from the expensive to the economical. If we don't have it in stock we can get it.

We are committed to our local artists and crafters.  Willow Moon Candles are made locally and come in the most wonderful choices of aromas. The are long lasting, clean burning soy candles that have become very popular. 

These are just a few of the many things A Wild Bird Oasis has to offer.

We are not just for the birds. Rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, salt lamps, and crystals are very popular with young people as well as grown ups. Great for collecting and a unique gift for someone who can be hard to shop.

SQUIRRELS! As cute as they are they destroy feeders, chase away your birds, and will devour your good seed. Don't believe that they can NOT be beaten. They CAN. The trick is to set up your feeder(s) beyond their ability to reach. Sure, they are very smart, agile, and athletic but like all creatures in creation they have their limitations. Pictured below is our classic pole system. When a customer walks out the door with one of these we know their squirrel problems are over. Two numbers are key for this system to work. 10 & 4 1/2. Squirrels can leap 10 feet horizontally and jump up 4 1/2 feet straight up. There is crucial that this pole system be at least 10 feet away from the nearest tree, fence, house, deck rail, bird bath, BBQ grill, lawn furniture, or anything that a squirrel can climb and jump from to land above the baffle. The baffle on the pole to the obstacle they can not get around to get on the feeders. The top of it needs to be no less than 4 1/2 feet off of the ground. Another important thing to remember is that the feeders can't be hanging down near the lower end of the baffle. Otherwise the squirrel will climb the pole and jump from the pole to the bottom of the feeder.  Set up a pole system or shepherd's hook with a baffle with these three things in mind and you WILL have them beat.  You will also experience a great sense of satisfaction.

Part of the fun of feeding birds is getting to know and identifying the many species that will come to your feeders. We have books for the beginner as well as the advanced bird watcher. Also available are field guides to local flora and fauna, and books for children on nature and nature activities.

From windsocks to wind chimes. Quality and beauty is our main concern. In the summer we stock a wide variety of Woodstock Wind Chimes. Come in and hear for yourself. They have the best sound of all wind chimes.

Bird houses and nesting boxes are an important feature you can add to your yard. In many cases they help birds like the Eastern Blue Bird which has been displaced by other birds and suffered loss of habitat. We have pole mounted and hanging houses for all kinds of birds, as well as bat houses

Our top recommended feeder is the Squirrel Buster line. They are extremely well made and designed with a great warranty. Our customers will attest that this is the best feeder when a pole with a baffle is not an option. The weight of the squirrel shuts off the feeding ports. The Squirrel Buster Plus, Peanut Feeder, and Standard models are adjustable so they will close if lager birds like doves and grackles become a problem.

Birds need water like all other animals. Not only for drinking, but bathing and keeping clean is very important to birds. We also carry bird bath deicers and heated bird baths to keep the water from freezing in the winter.

It all starts with the best bird seed in the area. Without good seed you wont get the good birds. The foundation our our custom blends is clean and fresh black oil sunflower seed.  Our most popular mixes pictured below are the Basic Mix on the right and Cardinal  Blend on the left. Basic consists of black oil sunflower seed both in the shell and and out of the shell.   Cardinal mix has safflower seed as part of the blend. Our finer more premium blend is called Special Mix which is like Cardinal but with a higher percentage of shelled sunflower seed with a healthy amount of split peanuts added. Any of these 3 blends will  appeal to all birds from Goldfinch to Cardinals to Woodpeckers. The Special Mix will just spoil them more.