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Serving the community since 2003. We're right next to the Medford Lakes Post Office.
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It's been said "The wilderness holds all truth and wisdom." Observing and appreciating the wildlife in your own environment is a good way to begin understanding what all nature has to share. Feeding the birds, providing water, and putting up nesting boxes helps them and gives back a wonderful sense of joy, wonder and inspiration.  Our commitment to top quality seed will make a difference to your birds. Our friendly service and top quality products will make a difference to you. Let us help you connect with the birds and other aspects of nature already calling you in your own yard.

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The song of the Wood Thrush is so beautiful and melodic that some have even called it hypnotic. Reflective is the word that comes to my mind when listening to him. I cant think of a better bird song to meditate to because the Wood Thrush can bring you to a place to reflect on yourself and your life and where you are on your path of life. The Wood Thrush is monogamous bird who claims a large territory and will aggressively defend that which he has claimed. This too is a lesson to reflect on what is sacred to you and what are you willing to defend and keep in your life.

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